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From the tree to fashion in 5 steps
From the tree to fashion in 5 steps
1. Cork growing
The cork is born in the cork oak tree. It takes a period between 25 and 30 years before to be possible to make the first extraction of cork. After removing cork the tree returns to rejuvenate every 9 years.
2. Removing cork
The process of cork removal is an ancestral art. Certain blows are required with an ax so that the cork can be removed without damaging the cork oak.

3. Heat and compress the cork
At this stage the cork is cooked and compressed, and organic solids are removed from the pores.

4. Crushing and cutting
At this stage the cork begins to gain its shape for later be used in the industrial process, is crushed, cut, disposed in plates and finally rolled to be sent to the factory.

5. Factory
It is in the Factory that the imagination and creativity of the designers come to life. From here come the famous cork bags, shoes and the most varied accessories. Many of them using just the cork as raw material. Making these products of high quality and sophistication and eco-vegan friendly.

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